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"Rostec" meets in the implementation of their projects

Lev Kuznetsov, the Russian Minister for the North Caucasus, met with representatives of «Rostec». From the present state corporation deputy general director Vladimir Artyakov. The meeting was attended by representatives of «daughter» branches «Rostec». There was also the deputy Lev Kuznetsov, Andrey Reznikov. Cooperation with «Rostec» is held on the basis of joint projects. They provide for the establishment of mining and smelting complex. Carrying out the work is planned on the basis of Tyrnyauz field. Its main assets — tungsten and molybdenum. Another participant of the project — PT Global Resources. Another project is being developed jointly with «Stankopromom». It provides for the creation of high-tech production for the manufacture of carbide tools. The third project «Rostec» implements together with «Russian Electronics». In the framework of planned construction of research and production cluster in the North Caucasus region. His main focus — the release of electronic products.

According to Lev Kuznetsov, the most important first 2a project. And not one of the North Caucasus and the entire R. F. Translating them into practice will help in the creation of a competitive tool industry. The result will be reduced «to zero» the dependence of the domestic industry from imports. Now the country receives a substantial amount of foreign products. Their him about 90% are certain types of instruments. Created electronics cluster will help stabilize the finances and economy of enterprises. It will be possible to preserve and expand their research capacities. range of products will be optimized.

As a result, the meeting reached certain agreements. In particular, to establish a «roadmap» to the beginning of 2016. This paragraph applies to «Creating an innovative mining and metallurgical complex on the basis of Tyrnyauz tungsten-molybdenum mine» project. In early January 2016 over the development of feasibility study of conditions. revision of reserves will be produced. In March, the assets will be transferred to the state balance. Then hold the allocation of plots. They, in turn, will be tendered. The investor, who won, will receive the license agreement. In accordance with planned development and expansion of the field. Run enterprise according to preliminary estimates will occur until 2020.

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