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"Norilsk Nickel" to fulfill the plan for 2015

«Norilsk Nickel» has presented the next press release. It examines the implementation of investment projects in 2015. Key points of this year, fully implemented. According to the expectations of the capital cost to the end of the year will amount to about 100 billion. RUB. This includes investment Chita project, reaching about 11.5 billion. RUB. Capital expenditures specified in the budget for 2016, reaching 145 billion. RUB. Of these, Chita project investment will amount to 40 billion. RUB.

Priority investment objectives in 2016 is consistent with the «Norilsk Nickel» strategy. It is assumed that the leading projects with a cost-effective performance of the company will continue to invest. At the same price conditions impact on the strategy adopted will not. Priority projects in 2016 include the modernization of metallurgical, mineral processing redistribution. The implication of the Nickel Plant Conservation and the next phase of improvements Talnakh enrichment plant. Also, it is the expansion of production capacity of the plant Nadezhinskogo. modernization will be carried out with the expansion of the Kola Peninsula's refining capacities. Continue implementation of the Chita project. Its launch is scheduled for 2017. It is expected to invest mining projects with a high return on investment.

The percentage share of foreign exchange in capital expenditures in 2016 of the total increase to 25%. Such a result is possible, given the Chita project and the active construction phase. Also taken into account is the end of the modernization Talhanskogo production. The approved budget provides for the reduction of costs. It is assumed, and improving operational efficiency. She was taken to the announcement and the implementation of this year IVkvartale. The policy of «Norilsk nickel» provides for the further development of the company. This takes into account requirements of industrial safety, occupational safety and environmental protection.

Meanwhile, analysts say that the capacity of the nickel of the global market will continue to expand. The average speed of the process will grow by 5%. Stimulation of the process will take place against the backdrop of rising demand for nickel. The main consumers will be the transport and defense industry sector. Overall, the data sector in 2014 consumed about 39% nickel. They will remain in the future the main driving force.

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