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On the London Stock Exchange presented a new production of "Norilsk Nickel"

In early December a list of LME products added new products. The registered brand copper «for Grade A» high quality produces «Norilsk Nickel». The brand is called NORILSK. This event is commented Sergey Dyachenko, the first vice-president of the company. According to him, registration LMEuzhe is an additional confirmation of the quality. London Stock Exchange is always to be met by products increased requirements. Everything Counts -. The quality, weight and size of Copper «Norilsk Nickel», a foothold in the LME lists, and raised the reputation of the Russian company. At the same time, «Norilsk Nickel» has long gained a solid reputation vendor high-grade products. Also S. Dyachenko noted the productive work of technicians and sales activities Block.

Holding the entry allows the delivery of copper cathodes, «Norilsk Nickel» in the LME. In addition, the event raises the level of products of MMC's largest copper producers. The company has received excellent prospects for sales in the world market of copper cathodes. And this is not the only and not the company's first experience in the provision of its products on the LME. In 1999, the London Stock Exchange approved the listing of the nickel, «Norilsk Nickel». four brand products have been reported. MMC had an opportunity to deliver on the nickel LMEsvoy since 2000.

Shanghai Futures Exchange also revealed their approval of products, «Norilsk Nickel». In the summer of 2015 the company registered on the stock exchange three brands Nickel were listed. The Chinese market has preferred brand «SEVERONICKEL COMBINE H-1Y», «SEVERONICKEL COMBINE H-1» and «NORILSK COMBINE H-1.» The Russian company has a special place on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is the only foreign manufacturer registered along with Chinese manufacturers.

Meanwhile, a subsidiary of «Norilsk Nickel» has been the implementation of the investment project. Kola MMC technically rearm crushing separation processing industry. The project involved the replacement of existing crushers domestic production. medium and fine crushing equipment was zameno in the crushing and screening equipment «MetsoMinerals» company. The new equipment will ensure the optimization of the grinding regimes and crushing of raw materials. in addition to upgrading technology project aims to increase production output. Capacity will be produced from raw materials of the company by increasing the extraction of concentrated metals.

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