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Canada Border Services Agency pleased NP "Russian Steel"

NP «Russian Steel» is satisfied with the final decision taken by the Canada Border Services Agency. We are talking about an investigation conducted on Russian exporters and producers. 7.12.2015 published information about stopping countervailing investigations. In the history of Russia's steel industry is the first case of the compensation of the investigation. It started with the anti-dumping proceedings in June this year. The initiator was the Canadian steel producer Essar Steel Algoma Inc. The investigation has affected the delivery of rolled plate. Rolled material — steel alloy and micro-alloy. Product groups 7208.51i 7208.52, imports produced in India and Russia. In September, CBSA announced the appointment of the provisional countervailing duties. Its size was 18.9%. The object of the application was the production of the Russian producers.

This investigation against India and Russia was a continuation of already started protective measures. Previously, they were also sent to Essar Steel Algoma Inc. In this manufacturer are observed long-term financial problems. In 2014, the procedure was carried out to protect it from the actions of creditors. Earlier restrictive measures have affected the production of rolled plate Denmark, Brazil, Italy, and Japan. The list also were Indonesia, China, South Korea, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Czech Republic. In this partnership, experts said at the outset of the insolvency of charges. At least when it came to Russian producers of hot-rolled plates. The Russian side was accused of unfair competition in the Canadian market. Mention and the provision of state forbidden.

The representatives of NP «Russian Steel» talk about justice decision. Protective tariffs will not be applied at the termination of countervailing investigations. This partnership evinces complained about the objectivity of anti-dumping investigation. PJSC «Severstal» face anti-dumping duty of 15.3%. Other Russian producers undergo a fee of 98.1%. The Partnership believes that the supply of Russian producers will not be considered. Volumes of Russian import of Canada's total imports occupy about 3%. 1% of the country's apparent consumption.

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