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Almalyk MMC is implementing a new investment project

Smelter of Almalyk MMC in Uzbekistan is implementing a new investment project. As part of the meeting made the construction of the melting furnace. The project involves replacing the reverberatory furnace. Instead, it will be installed stove Vanyukov. It is more convenient and economical to use. The volume of energy consumed is much less. Another plus — can be recycled flue gas. This will improve the environmental situation in the region. The new furnace is sealed by 100%, which prevents the gas concentration plant. Dimensions also preferable dimensions reverberatory furnace. If the reflection area inside the unit reaches 240 m 2, then the furnace Vanyukov is only 21 m 2.

When melting in a new oven there is a high placement in the copper matte. This figure is over 97%. Provides greater volume copper recovery compared with the reflectivity of the fuse or flare acid. furnace service is also not difficult. In normal operation, controlled by the process conditions, the work of the caissons, mechanisms and devices.

Another project at the Almalyk MMC began in early November. It implements involvement in off-balance testing of raw copper career «Kalmykyr». The main task — additional processing 4 million tons of ore in 2017… In the short term copper production will increase by 3−4%. The project cost is 101.1 million. USD. Investment is planned to carry out at its own investments AMMC at 19.4 million. USD. Uzbek banks lend 40.3 million. USD. Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan to invest $ 41.3 million. USD.

Inventories «Kalmakyr» field practiced since 1954. To date, the annual design capacity of the mine 31.5 million. Tons of raw materials. At the beginning of 2007 in an active deposit 6.15 million. Tonnes of copper, 98,400 tons of molybdenum. In 2012, the project to extend the mine was completed. Its value amounted to 122.2 million. USD.

In November 2015 Almalyk MMC received at the disposal of assets of the plant of refractory and heat resisting metals in Uzbekistan. The decision was adopted the Decree of the Government of Uzbekistan. Construction UzKTZhM completed in 1956. Since then, the plant manufactures products for the defense sector. The company has melted hard metals, molybdenum and tungsten rental. However, in 2003, he was named UzKTZhM bankrupt receiving external control.

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