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Uralelectromed continued modernization of production

Branch Uralelectromed «Production Polymetal» completed the planned overhaul of blast furnace number 2. The unit is put into operation. He remains one of the main units of the enterprise melting. In general, the cost of repairs amounted to about 48 million. RUB. Alesya Sobolev, head of the metallurgical department, spoke about the work done. During repair replacement of the furnace shaft was made. Also replaced were the horns, inner and outer, flue technology, cyclone of the caissons. Cyclone produces gas cleaning. Suspended solids are removed by centrifugal force. Caissons — water-cooled elements of the shaft furnace wall. In addition, changes have affected the structure of water-cooled jumpers. In this bearing member — one of the key — a square cross section round replaced. Experts believe that this solution will reduce the number of furnace stops for repairs.

According to Alexei Sobolev, the furnace, the company is very large-scale repairs. This is a considerable amount of work that requires attention. The annual event allows you to modify the machine design of various changes. Over the past seven years, gradually increase the period of operation of the furnace. Now, instead it reaches a half to three years. The number of scheduled repairs was reduced from two to one. Extensive repairs were carried out by 4 contractors. On the side «Polymetal production» were involved about 200 workers. After work furnace operation is stable for at least three years.

Scientific «Electrozink» plant experts have created a new technology. It allows you to extract the control filtering precipitation increased amount of precious metals. Pilot-scale testing began in 2014. The content of precious metals in the sediment filtration control is very high. At 1 ton of OCP can account for about 500 grams of gold, silver, 1.5−2%. However, the lead content in the TFR was insufficient. Namely, the metal collects in the smelting of silver and gold. The main task for the specialists was to find a material containing a sufficient share of the lead. He was introduced to the charge together with the OCP. Among other things, the composition of the charge required to optimize the reducing agent and soda ash.

As a result of the experiments has been developed a method to produce 98.2% of the silver and gold in the lead draft. Now processing OCP on Uralelectromed carried out by the new technology of Electrozink professionals.

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