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"Tsvetmetobrabotka" believes in the future of non-ferrous metals

The development of non-ferrous metals industry requires innovative ideas. This technology and equipment. Accordingly, the new products. In Russia, almost the only research organization focused on such developments — the institute «Tsvetmetobrabotka». Not surprisingly, the Institute is actively involved in the «Metal-Expo». The exhibition provides an opportunity to present new developments. In addition to the shows held meetings with potential customers. However, the recession affecting the engineering and manufacturing industry, affected the production of non-ferrous metal. According to Yuri Raikov, the general director of «Tsvetmetobrabotka» for 9mesyany period of change is very noticeable. In the nickel sector growth rate reached 50%. Apparently it affected the increased demand for the metal complex of the defense industry. In Group copper and brass rolled decline from 5% to 20%.

«Tsvetmetobrabotka» constructs equipment, processing non-ferrous metals, from copper to zirconium. Institute confidently holds the leadership in the production of multi-component alloys based on copper. Another sought-after area of ​​the institute — COD mills (cold rolled tubes). Development of new specifications and standards. By upgrading mills over the last few years the Institute has carried out more than one project. Today the mills are made to South Korean customers 'documentation' Tsvetmetobrabotka «. For customers in India Institute created the project of the new equipment. It is intended for the cold rolling of pipes and rods.

In general, over the last decade, Russian companies have mastered many worthwhile processes. New equipment was installed in the Kamensk-Uralsky, Kirov, Revda plants OCM. There was a role for import substitution of metallurgical equipment sector? Yuri Raykov believes that to fully realize such ideas impossible. And it is unlikely this setting is correct. According to him, foreign partners need to take the best. Compete to be the same in areas where Russia is the leader.

Speaking about the future, Yu Raykov relies on copper and copper alloys. These materials are leading. They are used in power electronics, advanced power plants, electric power generation. There is also the prospect of the use of the red metal in fish farming.

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