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MZ will produce precision alloys

In the Perm region in the Motovilikha plants were put into operation to obtain precision alloys. On peculiarities of alloys clarifications specialists of enterprises. According to them the maximum precision alloys cleaned of accompanying chemical elements. The main scope of alloys — the defense industry and electronics. Most of the precision alloy manufactured based on nickel, iron, copper and cobalt.

According to Oleg Bochkarev, deputy chairman of the commission for the defense industry, is a major breakthrough. Alloys are needed in the production of military equipment and weapons. Materials in demand not only in the security sector. They find application in the civil sphere. Enhanced security mechanisms and machines rather significant factor. Yuri Klotchkov — Director Motovilikha enterprises — sure in the interest of Russian production plants. Alloys necessary electronics manufacturers of home appliances. Moreover, in Russia there is no analogue of the developed technology. The main advantage is the low expansion alloys during heating. This is an important factor in the production of household appliances. It does not matter whether it is a washing machine or a spaceship.

To date, the annual production capacity of the plants is 35 tons. By 2018, it is planned to expand the project capacity to the level of 60 tons / year. Share alloys on the market will take 7% of production, which has special properties. The technology of alloys has been created by experts MSTU. Nosov. In 2013, a project to develop a multi-functional alloys received ministerial grant. The project was developed by Bauman and Motovilikha plant. The grant amounted to 300 million. RUB.

In mid-August 2015 MZ worked together with the University of Perm (PNIPU). The result was a new activity bainitic steel grade class. Feature of steel — providing high strength properties of the pipe. The strength of 1.2−1.3 MPa. During the tests have been proven to meet the requirements of the product, relative to the drill pipe installed. Pipes do not require pre-machining due to the doping system. As a result, the production cycle was reduced significantly. Accordingly, decreased production costs. Also it reduced labor intensity of production.

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