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Kazakhmys Corporation is developing a hydrometallurgical technology

Specialists Corporation Kazakhmys develop hydrometallurgical technology. Conducted their pilot testing focused on the extraction of copper concentrates. The source of the poor sulfide copper ore. The use of hydrometallurgy opens up opportunities. The treatment involves raw materials with low copper content. The use of such raw materials will provide replenishment of raw materials. In addition, manufacturing activity Zhezkazgan deposit will last for a period exceeding 50 years. Currently, the corporation has completed the laboratory tests and scientific research. In August, over the construction of a hydrometallurgical pilot industrial area. It is situated in the Zhezkazgan smelter area. At the same trial were conducted site testing. Results for the development of copper cathode considered more than satisfactory. Hydrometallurgical processes will be carried out simultaneously with the earlier introduction of technologies. We are talking about pyro. Supply of raw materials to the plant will be more promising fields. Sources become mines Zhilandinskoy group IIocheredi Jaman-Aibat.

The deposits of Zhezkazgan region operated for about 80 years. Ore output is about 1 billion. Tons. Because scarcity of mineral resources base of the process is natural and expected. However, the Geological Survey of Kazakhmys provides encouraging data. The field has about 1 billion. Tons of poor off-balance sheet copper ores. Use for processing traditional uneconomic technologies. However, in the long term processing will bring considerable revenue. To this end, and it planned to build a large-scale hydrometallurgical production in Zhezkazgan.

The new technology is an innovation of the future. However, before the project is necessary to calculate all possible risks, eliminating them as possible. Because considering the possibility of construction of two plants of different productivity. Launch of the first prototype of the enterprise is planned for 2017. The volume of copper concentrate produced by them will be 32.160 th. Tons per year. The investment will amount to about 30 mln. USD. The construction of the main plant will require an investment of over 350 million. USD. Development of copper concentrate per year amount to 649.200 thousand tons. Implementation of the project will be in the 2018−2021 year.

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