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The company "Continental" strategy does not change

«Continental» in the Russian company is a leading supplier of stainless products. It is natural that each year, its representatives take part in «Metal-Expo». Traditionally, the exhibition demonstrates the consumers of stainless steel new possibilities. Michael Gapanov, Head of Marketing Department, spoke about the «Continental» strategy under the existing market conditions. According to the company's consumption of stainless steel in Russia fell by 13−15% compared to 2014. With high-quality hire fared somewhat better, flat steel consumption is not happy. The reasons are quite clear — in decline to the weakening of the construction sector and the production of consumer goods. Prospects difficult to predict, because many companies prefer to withdraw from the market.

The strategy of the «Continental» does not change. The company has developed a network of branches, simultaneously expanding the service and production. Warehouses Company branches are filled with all kinds of stainless steel. The main role remains for the most popular positions tubular, flat and long stainless steel. For 10mesyachny period of the company's revenue increased by 36% compared to the same period last year. Significantly increased profit. In 2015, the company was able to maintain the number of flat-rolled products sales at the 2014 level of the year. In this part of the austenitic grades increased. Sections also demonstrates improved performance. During this period, several volumes of shipments declined. Influencing factors is the reduction of sales of seamless and welded stainless steel tubes. The decline amounted to 7% in tonnage. However, compared with the global market performance of «Continental» look impressive. Yes, and now occupied the market share is gradually increasing. Final evaluation of the results will be made at an annual rate.

As for the «Metal-Expo», the «Continental» shows the whole range of import and domestic steel. The exhibition was visited by the heads of the management company and all its subsidiaries. At the exhibition the company is not only stainless production. Demonstrates the product of structural and alloyed. Diversification became possible after the purchase of production facilities «Apogee». Moreover, the «Continental» invested profits in the purchase of band automatic machines Amada.

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