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KAZ Minerals adheres to the developed plan

During the period the group 9mesyachny KAZ Minerals was produced 58,000 tons of copper cathode. When you save the production rate of the planned reception of 80−85 thousand tons will be achieved. Development of copper concentrate reached 67,000 tons. During this period, the raw material production volumes totaled 5.47 million. Tons. This figure is higher than the result of same period last year by 56%. The increase is due to reporting metrics Aktogay deposit. Previously, only took into account ore Bozymchak and Eastern Kazakhstan. The average copper content in the feed was 1.51%.

Good results have been demonstrated KAZ Minerals in the production of silver and zinc. In January-September it produced 73,000 tonnes of zinc concentrate. Anticipated implementation of the plan, provides for 90−95 thousand tons. The volume of silver granules obtained reached 2.45 million. 9mesyachny ounces per period. High rates provided additional processing of the raw material from the work in progress. Previously Estimated volume of silver production at the level of 2.2−2.5 mln. Oz. The growth of the planned annual volume reached 10%. Volumes of production of gold bullion reached 28,000 ounces. The annual plan is 34−38 thousand ounces. KAZ Minerals Group relies on its implementation.

On Bozshakol underway stripping, waste rock mined ore and clay. In Ikvartale 2016 scheduled launch of the processing plant. A little earlier start mining of sulfide ore. At Aktogay oxide ore mining is carried out. In late September the volume of ore discharge amounted to 2.13 million. Tons. The copper content of 0.37% in the feed. At the same time it started irrigation acid solutions extracted ore. We are carrying out construction work on the construction of new facilities. They are designed for the processing of raw materials by electrolysis and solvent extraction. In IVkvartale starts production of cathode copper from oxidized material. Production of copper concentrate will accordingly develop a schedule in 2017.

According to Oleg Novachuk, Chairman of the Board KAZ Minerals, results of activity of the enterprises are quite stable. Annual targets for the production of copper and related products will be achieved. Now replacing equipment, the injured in a fire at Bozshakol. Starting Bozshakol concentrator is scheduled for Ikvartal 2016.

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