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ZTMC finished certification audit

Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works completed certification audit in October. It was held to meet the needs of aerospace standards. Press-service of Group DF announced the successful completion of the last phase of the audit. Conducts the certification audit company «Bureau Veritas». Passage of the audit company provides the opportunity to register on the OASIS database. It includes suppliers and manufacturers of aerospace products. At the same time they have a certificate of compliance quality. Registration in the database will take about 2 months.

Vladimir Sivak, director ZTMC, considering the new possibilities provided by the certification. After its passage expanding market. Sponge titanium ingots and titanium can be successfully implemented. Potential buyers — high-tech companies aerospace sector. Conducting certification provides entry into new markets. This increases and reputation of the supplier. Certification has a positive effect on the quality of the goods, on the effectiveness of the company's activities.

The preparation for the certification audit ZTMC began in March last year. Certification itself involves several steps. In June, he held diagnostic audit. As of July came I stage of the certification audit. It assesses compliance with the international standard EN9100: 2009. Preparing for the final step included the development of the new 16-ZTMC standards. At the same time 70 existing standards were revised. The units had taken a series of measures, both technical and organizational. They were directed at maintaining the functioning at the appropriate level of quality management system. Having successfully passed the audit indicates the use of standards to the constant work of the enterprise.

The audit is only the first step taken by the Zaporozhye industrial complex to enter the aerospace market. The resulting certification will allow for the following certification from the world's consumer of titanium products. The implementation of the program, providing access to the plant aerospace market, invested 19.5 million. Hryvnia. The project envisages the construction of an averaging of titanium sponge. It is planned to improve the quality of the final product. This result is achieved through the automation of raw materials mixing. This ensures greater uniformity of the chemical composition of the product.

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