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In Tuva, development of new projects

Sholban Kara-ool, head of the republic of Tuva, made a proposal to resume development Khovu-Aksynskogo mine. This issue was discussed with Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia. The field is the source of the nickel-cobalt ore. On balance, there are 10,100 tons of nickel, cobalt, A + B + C 1 7,824 thousand tons. The assets of cobalt reserves C2 5.708 million tons, 6.6 million tons of nickel. In July 2015 the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia considered the possibility of holding an auction. The initial deposit shall be fixed at the level of 103 million. RUB.

Closing Tuvakobalta, the main developer Khovu-Aksynskogo deposits, accounted for 1991. The plot is located on it with landfill maps remain federal property. This time is regulated by the law «On Subsoil». Earlier start GOK developed Tuva Institute for Exploration of Natural Resources SB RAS. Experts offer several stages of work. The first involved the processing of stale sludge hydrometallurgical processing. According to statistics, 100 000 tonnes of sludge cobalt content of 200 tonnes. Copper and nickel, 150 tonnes of gold 6 kg, 10 tons of silver and 10 tons of zinc. Then it supposed to introduce the technology of gravitational primary enrichment. Then go directly to step ore mining.

Operation Tuvakobalta began in 1970. The design capacity of processing and production reached 70 000 tons of ore. Content was 1.19% cobalt in it. Estimated volumes of cobalt extraction was 78%, nickel 80%, copper 56%.

Another project in the Republic of Tuva regard to the development and construction of the Ak-Sugskogo field. The agreement is reviewed and the time of logistics. The agreement was signed by Integro and a subsidiary of China Railway Group. Resources include deposits of 4.9 million. Tons of copper. Projected annual production capacity is 110 000 tons of copper concentrate. At the same time the production of the starting date of operation is not specified. Also not known and investments. In 2013, investment in Ak-Sugsky project is expected to reach 1.3 billion. USD.

And at the end of June the company «Lusin» started operation GOK Kyzyl-Tashtyg polymetallic deposit. The project has been invested 16.8 billion. RUB.

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