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On the Day of Defender of Ukraine in 2015

Warriors, protecting their lands, their country, were honored at all times. Their victories timed anniversaries, sang their exploits in verse. The Red Army is no exception. In 1918, the Red Guard took precedence over the German troops near Narva and Pskov. Since that time, February 23 became the Day of the Red Army's birthday. However, the official holiday date was only four years later, in 1922. Since that time, the Red Army Day was celebrated annually. In the USSR, he became known as the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union changed its name once again a holiday. But at the same time the Defender of the Fatherland Day did not change the traditions. on February 23 in memory of many he remained masculine holiday, the date when the notice the courage and steadfastness, loyalty and courage.

And what about the Ukrainians? In 2015, they did not celebrate on 23 February. The decree that established the date of the country's Day of Defender of the Fatherland, became invalid. But this does not mean that Ukraine has forgotten its heroes. In 2014, the President established a decree, according to which the 14 October 2015 the country celebrates the Day of the defender of Ukraine. The country is going through difficult times. And now more than ever its defenders need this holiday commemorates their heroism, preserving military traditions glorifying the victory of the Ukrainian people.

October 14 marked another great date. Holiday Christians Intercession of the Theotokos has existed for many centuries. This is a special day, reminiscent of the struggle for freedom, symbolizing freedom from enemies. Cossacks that protect the faith and the Fatherland, were convinced of the patronage of the Mother of God and the protection of the Holy Veil. Because the celebration of the Day of the Protection of considered Ukrainian Cossacks. And today is not just a religious holiday. This is the date of the national day of uniting the country, call for solidarity to any threat. New Ukrainian festival will be a symbol of the inextricable link of many generations of Fatherland defenders.

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