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Russian deliveries of nickel in China in the lead

China Customs has published statistics on nickel imports. The report covers the period of the current year 7mesyachny separately July. In general, the amount of imported raw nickel reached 46,362 tons per month. The largest supplier of raw nickel in China — Russia. The volume of Russian imports reached 36 408.3 million. Tons. This figure exceeds 75% of the volume of imports of nickel to China in the past month. IImesto takes Canada. Canadian exports reached 2,484.6 tonnes. Third place for Australia, which supplies 1 483 tonnes of metal. During the seven-month period, the volume of imports reached the level of 150 087.1 tonnes.

In July, the number of imported agglomerate has reached a point 18 783.1 million. Tons. Throughout the month of delivery of ferronickel reached 59 114.8 million. Tons. The leading supplier of ferronickel in China has become Indonesia. Volumes of supplies of Indonesian totaled 13 379.9 million. Tons. It is almost ¼ of the total imports of the product in the past month. For Indonesia, New Caledonia should be. Deliveries reached 10 643.5 tonnes. In January-July 2015 the volume of imported ferronickel reached 380 263.2 million. Tons.

Imported volumes of nickel concentrate, and nickel ore for July totaled 4.98 billion. Tons. The leaders are the Philippines with the volume of supply in the PRC at the level of 4.914 billion. Tons. Australia is IImesto — 19 626.1 tonnes. For 7mesyachny period 19 466 million has been imported into the country. Tonnes of nickel concentrate and ore.

Russian deliveries of raw nickel abroad during January-July fell by 8.6% to 109,900 tonnes. In monetary terms, the volume of exported raw nickel fell by 23.1% to reach 1.471 billion. USD. Volumes exported unprocessed metal-CIS countries decreased by 5.8% to 109,800 tonnes. Deliveries to the CIS countries decreased by 50% to 0.1 million tons.

As for the cost of nickel, up to the end of 2015 the cost should not exceed 15−17 thousand. USD / ton. Influencing factor is the low demand for stainless steel. If before the demand growth projected at 4%, now it dropped to 2.4%. Indonesian ban continues to have a negative impact. The issue of Chinese nickel pig iron has fallen by 22% in January-June. At the same time, global production increased by 6%. In 2016, the structural deficit is expected. Consumption will increase the export of Indonesian non-ferrous metals will be banned.

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