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In the steel mills continue to reduce

In Ostrava stopped production of the product Metallurgical Plant «Vítkovice Steel». As a result, no work is 300 people. However, while they only suffer. According to the press-secretary of Jaromir Krishitsy remaining plants «Vítkovice Steel» will continue to work. For the trade union of the enterprise as a surprise stop not. the necessary preparations have been made in the run-up to dismissal. Most of the laid-off employees will be employed in other cities of the company. About 50 employees will continue to cooperate with «Vítkovice Steel» in other enterprises. Some expect a premature retirement. Overall, 1,100 people were employed in the factory. After stopping Ostrava on a field will remain about 800 employees. Dmitry Pike, CEO of «Vítkovice Steel» confidence in the further development of the remaining plants. They invested a lot of money upgrading.

In Italy, the situation is no better. In Taranto, the unions are concerned about the situation. At stake is the work of the largest Italian steel plant. State Administration during the activity ignored the need to modernize. Also, we do not master new high-margin products. As a result: ILVA loading is less than 50%. Monthly losses amount to 40−50 mln. EURO. It is expected that in 2015 ILVA will produce no more than 5 million. Tons of steel. Thus in 2012 the volume of smelting reached 9 mln. Tons. 6.2 mln. Tons were produced in 2014. Another decline in production volumes means the beginning rate.

The union says the loss of metallurgists ILVA FIOM and market niches. This is a natural process, given the lack of modernization and the reluctance to develop new branded products. According to the trade unions on the supply of Taranto in the last year declined 2 automaker. Not so long ago lost ILVA Spanish consumer of galvanized steel. Order was lost because of the inability to guarantee the plant deadlines. If the situation does not change, it is not far off the total loss of the market and an increase in debt. And there, and to stop and close the enterprise at hand.

Thinks about closing in Granite City Steel Mill Corporation and US Steel. However, the time will stop. Its purpose — to consolidate the production operations in the North American regions flats. Warning received 2,000 employees. According to the company at the company for a long time there are marketing problems. Production capacity is about 2.5 million. Tonnes / year of steel. This is the main supplier of Texas Pipe US Steel plant.

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