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The European Commission will renew the anti-dumping duties

It ended up re-investigation into the Chinese wire rod. WTO Standard procedure was carried out in connection with the termination of anti-dumping duties. They were established in July 2009 for a period of 5 years. amounts of the fees to Valin Group amounted to 7.9%. For other manufacturers from China reached 24% duty. The decision to extend the analysis to be based on a certain period. Considered at the time to 07.2013 06.2014. European Commission experts say the threat of re-importation of dumped Chinese wire rod at the abolition of restrictions. In the end, it decided to keep in force adopted in 2009 duties. In any case, their action will continue until July 2019. Repeated investigations noted the reluctance of the active cooperation of the PRC. To calculate the possible level of dumping was required to determine the cost of wire rod from China. Given the «cool» China's attitude, we used the same data. We considered the production of wire rod in Norway, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Switzerland.

The European Commission has set the size of the total production capacity in China. By wire rod is performed in the received data screen 150 Mill. Tons / year. In this case the order of 1/3 of the capacity is not currently in use. During the period 07.2013−06.2014 volumes of Chinese exported products reached 9.07 million. Tons. In 2014, Chinese exports reached a level of more than 11 million. Tons. The EU accounts at the same time had only 0.7 million tons. However, the European market remains attractive for Chinese producers. In 2008, before the introduction of fees in the EU exported about 1.1 mln. Tons of Chinese wire rod.

The EC has estimated the volume of production for wire rod in the EU capacity until mid-2014. Volumes amounted to about 28.1 million. Tons / year. Production thus amounted to 20.2 million. Tons, while consumption of 17.8 million. Tons. Imported volumes reached 1.45 million. Tons. Among the largest providers of Switzerland and Ukraine. Russia also took Vmesto putting 112,000 tons. European steel association Eurofer is their stats. According to them in the European Union for the period 7mesyachny it received about 900,000 tons of wire rod. Imports from Russia amounted to about 105,000 tonnes. Chinese shipments have not held up to 10,000 tons.

Since early October the anti-dumping duty on Chinese wire rod established Ministry of Colombia. And this is not the first restriction on imported Chinese products. Probably from 2016 on temporary duty today will move into the category of permanent.

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