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Chilean companies are reducing production capacity

Chile Collahuasi company ranks second in the copper sector. Leading manufacturer made a decision on the reduction of production capacity. Development of copper will decline by 30,000 tons. In 2014, the company produced 470,000 tonnes of metal.

The company Glencore intends to sell two major copper assets. In Chile, it is Lomas Bayas. In Australia — Cobar. Earlier, representatives of the company informed about the impending sale to repay debts. Their volume reached the level of 30 billion. USD. The company has initiated a search for a buyer procedure. Also started selling mining companies Cobar and Lomas Bayas. Company officials say the informal bids prior to the sale. They show an interest in acquiring these assets. Launched the sale process will provide the possibility for formal applications. As for assets, their implementation can either take place or not. Cobarraspolozhen in New South Wales. The annual output of copper ore reaches 1.1 million. Tons. The volume of produced copper concentrate is 50,000 tons / year. Lomas Bayas is located in the Chilean Atacama desert. Open method of ore extraction asset. Upon receipt of raw materials, its processing into copper cathode. Volumes of production of copper amount to 75,000 tons / year.

Codelcotakzhe reduces turnover. In mid-September, the Chilean Corporation has suspended investment program. It was designed to increase the production of Andina. Division combines the methods of underground and open-producing copper ore. The cost of this program is about 7.5 billion. USD. It was assumed that the program will be able to be implemented within 2 years. However, representatives of the corporation made the reservation the possibility of adjusting the program. Influencing factor is the reduction of the global cost of copper. Currently improvements are anticipated. The price of copper continues to creep downward.

Codelco is not in vain considered to be the leader of the manufacturer. The company generates about 10% of world copper production. Division Andina problem — the fall of the quality of concentrates. Average red content of metal is reduced. To date, the division future remains in question.

Last year, the Chilean Corporation has developed 1.67 million. Tons of copper. Earlier it was supposed to bring the production volumes up to 2 mln. Tons in 2020. For this purpose, it planned to invest in new fields and expanding existing 25 billion. USD. Now the results of activity of the company adversely affect the poor quality of raw materials. considerable energy costs, delay the implementation of projects is also present.

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