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There are planes - will VSMPO-Avisma

VSMPO-Avisma produces poryadka1 / 3 of the total production of titanium products for the aerospace sector. So the demand for corporate products depends largely on the expansion of production of aircraft. Taking into account cost-effective model and the growth of passenger traffic. Avisma CEO shared his views on the activities of the corporation.

Assessing the Russian titanium sector, Mikhail Voevodin sure of a direct impact on his corporation. Today, in comparison with other companies of the group is in good shape. Avisma continues to invest in production. In 2015 the volume of investments will amount to about 8 billion. RUB. In comparison with the previous years figure is not a record. But it is a significant indicator of the level of development of the corporation.

Is there a shortage of titanium on the market? In relation to VSMPO-Avisma to talk about the lack or excess metal is not too well. The corporation is not made to work «at the warehouse.» Processing of titanium sponge into account the amount and kind of expected output products. Deficiency is possible in the event of a sharp rise in consumption. When grand the jump in demand may be a lack of capacity option. However, the Avisma has a permanent reserve for the domestic consumer. In particular, we are talking about the aerospace and industrial sectors. Already in 2012, the demand from these industries was very high. In the coming years it will only increase, given the dynamics of the aerospace sector. The program «Development of the aviation industry," is designed to 2013−2025gg. Its implementation aims to increase the competitiveness of Russian products on the global market. The program involves a high satisfaction with the country's needs in the field of aeronautical engineering a domestic manufacturer. Consumption of titanium industrial sector is ensured by the implementation of government programs and the performance of the state order. The main customers in this area the State Corporation «Rosatom» and JSC «USC».

What are the prospects for the titanium industry in Russia? The main consumers of titanium and its alloys — aircraft manufacturing sector. Accordingly, the development of the titanium industry is based on the growth of passenger traffic. At the same time increase the volume of production of advanced aircraft models. It is expected that by 2030, Russian airlines will need more than 1,500 aircraft units. 46% of this amount will provide a replacement of the existing fleet. The global aviation market is developing in such a scenario. That's aerospace sector is a major influencing factor in the development of the titanium industry.

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