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Alcoa will work with Airbus

Corporation Alcoabudet cooperate with concern Airbus. Signed contract is worth 1 bn. USD. It stipulates the supply side Alcoakrepezhnyh systems. The main sector of their application — the aerospace industry. The deal for the entire period of the joint work is the largest corporations. Fasteners Alcoaprimenyayutsya from the production of each aircraft Airbus. Executive Director of Alcoa, Klaus Kleinfeld, said the strengthening of the partnership with Airbus. And the prerequisites for this are many. Alcoauverenno ramping up production capacity in the aerospace sector. An important role is played by advanced technology and high quality customer service. With Airbus the American corporation is working for decades. However, besides pride and this partnership puts considerable responsibility. Alcoanamerena continue to supply Airbus innovative technologies. They are more than matched by the status of the most advanced aircraft in the world.

Fasteners supplied by Alcoa, is planned to be used to build new models. Among them, A350 XWB and the A320neo. Airbus designers are going to use the system for an existing aircraft lines. It includes the A330. The supplied system will enhance mounting pylons and engine panels on new models. The material for the fastening systems are different metals. Among them, nickel-based alloys and titanium. They provide enhanced fatigue resistance. Provision and protection against lightning, wear resistance is improved. You can re-use in composite and standard models. Production of parts planned to be held on 14 enterprises.

Another lucrative contract Alcoazaklyuchila now «Lockheed Martin». It stipulates the supply of semi-finished products from titanium. It is planned to use them in the manufacture of aircraft the F-35 Lightning II. This model is known and as the Joint Strike Fighter. Under the contract, the supply period will be in the 2016−2024 year. The titanium semi-finished products intended for 3 modifications the F-35 Lightning II. Contract value is around 1.1 billion. USD.

American Corporation continues to expand its influence in the titanium sector. Alcoautverzhdaet leadership in the production of modern aircraft models. This directory offers for «Lockheed Martin» is constantly updated. The main objective of cooperation — reduction of aircraft weight. This ensures a high fuel efficiency.

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