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Uralelectromed will produce high-purity copper sulfate

Uralelectromed will produce high-purity copper sulfate

Experts combine Uralelectromed included in the metallurgical complex of UMMC, mastered a new technology. Now the plant will produce a new product. High-purity copper sulfate is produced from the concentrate sulfuric acid and copper granules. Previous technology consisted merely transfer the spent electrolyte supplied copper electrolysis shop. Experts predict that the new line will ensure the growth of production volumes. According to estimates in 2015, the volume of the resulting copper sulfate will increase by 20% compared to 2014. From 30 800 tons of levels to rise to 38 million tons.

To develop products with high quality characteristics, created a separate line. In addition, innovative processes have been introduced into production. Vladimir Ivonin, head of department of vitriol, spoke about the changes. In the new process, sulfuric acid is fed into the bottom of column-type apparatus. Another improvement — circulation pumps mounted on vehicles. Their placement has allowed to increase the effectiveness of the dissolution of copper granules. testing technology was carried out in an operational mode. The resulting products have passed quality assessment. As a result of studies of the nickel decreased by 100 times. The percentage of arsenic decreased by 2−3 times.

Consumption of copper sulfate is growing steadily. At the same time consumers Uralelectromed products outside the EU, increased demands on its quality. The main reason — the use of copper sulfate by European countries in the manufacture of animal feed. Because the percentage of impurities contained therein must be minimized. Copper sulfate from Uralelectromed meets all requirements FAMI- QS. Products certified 25.09.2009 year.

Currently vitriolic shop plant is one of the leading Russian hydrometallurgical plants. Its products are in great demand not only in the EU but also in the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries. Demand polufabkikaty include bronze strip and copper sheet.

In addition to the upgrades in the manufacturing sector sulfate, plant increased its production of galvanized products. During the period, the volume 7mesyachny galvanized metal amounted to 19,010 tons. This figure is higher than last year’s result by 68.9%. Analysts believe that the increase is due to the expansion of road construction and the energy sector.

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