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Udokan continues to interest investors from China

Udokan not indifferent to Chinese investors. No less interest evinces the state corporation «Rostec». And holding Alisher Usmanov «Metalloinvest», has a special attention to this subject. General Director of «Metalloinvest» Andrew Varichev shared with RIA Novosti his opinion. According to him, the representatives of the PRC still passionate about mine. And existing agreements remain in force. There was a question on the application of state support of the company for the project. A. Varichev said that the projects are necessary to deposit Udokan are in the investment program of Russian Railways. This is not surprising, given the company's efforts to ensure foreign energy and rail infrastructure.

Among other things, the project — in the words of Varicheva — is going to qualify for the tax incentives. There is current legislation, which implies certain privileges with respect to such Greenfield. Mr. Varichev expressed hope that by the time the project will develop a favorable situation. It is the existence of a real opportunity to use the fees provided for by the state.

The cooperation agreement between «Rostec», «Metalloinvest» and «Hopu Investments», China, was signed in May, 2014. It was assumed that «Rostec» together with «Hopu Investments» the mercy of the «Metalloinvest» of the shares. 25% of Baikal Mining Company had to move «Rostec». «Hopu Investments» claimed by 10%. It BGK owns the license to develop the Udokan copper deposit. However, these intentions before the beginning of 2015 were not implemented. When considering the causes of the incident called the price of copper. Also taken into account and reduced from the Chinese consumer.

Udokan deposit is included in some of the largest copper sources. Developed on Udokan industrial complex can process in a year about 36 million. Tons of raw materials. In accordance with the standards of JORC mineral asset of the deposit is estimated at 2.3 bln. Tons of ore. The content of copper in it — 1.06%. red metal volume reaches 24.6 million. tons.

As of September is scheduled for consideration by Vnesheconombank possibility of long-term financing of the project. According to some sources of departmental request was made to the President of the Russian Federation Alisher Usmanov. In June, Vladimir Putin chose not to respond directly to a question of this kind. However, Dmitry Medvedev received a request to review and lighting proposals aimed at the development of Udokan.

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