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Steel heat resistant grade 30HMA

Heat resisting steel does not allow products to deform and break when used in high-temperature environment. In addition, heat resistant steel parts have high mechanical strength. Maximum relaxation temperature for the steel reaches 450−500 ° C. Many structures, parts and units working environment involves extreme temperature conditions. To ensure the functionality of the systems, equipment and material devices taken heat-resistant steel. It is divided into the third group — strength, low alloy steel, high alloy and relaxation. By relaxation alloys include steels with a high percentage of carbon contained in them.

30HMA brand Relaxation steel has a slow creep and increased elasticity. As part of the carbon contained 0,26−0,33%, 0.8−1.1% chromium, manganese 0.4−0.7%. Other alloying elements — copper, silicon, nickel, molybdenum, sulfur, phosphorus. Chemical compounds formed by such a composition, provide high corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.

When melting the alloy components and the basic doping reaches the desired heat-resistant characteristics. they also depend on the heat treatment conditions, which affects the structural state of the alloy. The structure and shape of the product thus treated for a long time retains its stability.

Use relaxation steel 30HMA brand in the production of long products (circle, square, hexagon). From it are made strips, tubes, forged billets, round bars with a special coating.

Using heat-resistant carbon steel enables the production of wear parts with superior strength. This pipeline elements, part flanges. This steel guarantees the protection of engineering systems from damage on the break. 30HMA used in the manufacture of pipes with a pressure of about 1000 kg / cm 2. They are used in the chemical and petrochemical sector. Seamless pipes of the steel used in the manufacture of engineering facilities, bicycles and products of the aviation industry. Also from 30HMA it made considerable part of nuts, bolts, flanges and pins. This product meets all the requirements for heat resistance, precision manufacturing and high-quality structural study.

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