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Agreement on cooperation between the Khabarovsk Territory and "Rusolovo" signed

Recently an agreement was signed between «Rusolovom» and the government of the Khabarovsk Territory. The agreements on social and economic cooperation was signed by Constantine Beira and Vyacheslav Shport. K. Beira is the director of investment group «Russian Funds» and a member of the Board of Directors Seligdara. B. Shport — governor of the region. «Rusolovo» as part of the holding Seligdar. In late June 2015 Tin Mining Company launched a tin processing. Workplace — Solar concentrator — is located in the village of Gorny Khabarovsk Territory. By the company's modernization began 1.5 years ago. During this period work was carried out in restoration and repair of the main building. Also, the update has affected the crushing equipment. In addition to the solar factory resumed its work Youth Mine. It is located on the tin deposits «Festival».

Constantine Beira notes available a number of difficulties. They are linked to specific geographical and climatic nature. Allowance and the shortage of staff. However, only in the Khabarovsk Territory is made ​​of tin mining. Domestic demand for the metal is much higher than the available supply. Because the project of «Solar» concentrators excellent prospects. The effect of the enterprise on the regional economy can not be overemphasized.

Initially, the solar plant was seen as a significant city-forming enterprise. Today, her work has an impact on the development of Verhnebureinski and sunny areas. The most important factor is the introduction by the «Rusolova» the latest production technologies. Their application is interconnected with the elimination of tailings and waste treatment.
It stipulated that from the government of the Khabarovsk Territory to the investor will be given maximum assistance.

The company «Rusolovo» was created to manage the existing force in the Russian tin-mining assets. in particular, it is Tin Mining Company and the firm «Pravourmiyskoe» in the Khabarovsk Territory. Mineral assets include three fields. They have a tin reserves in the amount of 163,000 tons of copper are 169 000 tonnes of tungsten trioxide -. 13 500 tons of silver — 319 tons. The tailings contain tin in the amount of 26,000 tons, tungsten — 2,500 tons, copper — 30 thousand tons, silver — 242 tons. Also made ​​the release of copper and tungsten concentrate.

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