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Happy Machinist 2015

What is engineering, the role it plays in society? Take a look around — scurry cars on the roads, raises an arrow tower crane at a construction site. The factory humming hundreds of machines in the sky leaving a bright trail of a flying plane… And all the examples is not required to walk. Those appliances, equipment in the house — from the mixer up to the plate — are the products of mechanical engineering. The list is practically immense, it is necessary to say that engineering is the foundation of the economy of the state? Especially when you consider that a mechanical engineering associated almost all other sectors.

Mechanical engineering industry, like many survived hard times in Russia and Ukraine. But — «everything flows, everything changes.» In engineering, there are real chances for further development. The most important areas — the development of innovative technologies, training the next generation of technicians and engineers. It will require expansion of the sales network and the development of the product service. Plans are serious in their implementation is one of the leading role belongs to the Russian Engineering Union. It was created in 2007. The purpose of this organization — to unite professionals worry about the future of the industry. You must understand the fact that unrealistic solution to the problems by individual enterprises.

In recent years, the September Sunday, engineers, workers, Russian specialists related to mechanical engineering celebrate their professional holiday. Established the date was October 1, 1980 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. 35 years — the period is large enough. Over the past years, the tradition of celebrating the holiday will not go away, perhaps only a few diminished scope. But as the celebrations are held at the enterprises. And still the best reward and honor veterans.

In Ukraine, the mechanical engineers faithfully follow the tradition, marking a professional holiday. However, he falls on the fourth Sunday of the month. This date was approved by the Decree of the President of 8 September 1993. In 2015, Ukraine and Russia will celebrate the festival at the same time. But if in the future will consist of 5 September Sunday, the Day of machine builder in the country will have to celebrate at different times. But, despite the difference in the dates on the Day of machine builder, millions of people will gather at the festive table. Because they all share is a necessary and important thing — the work in the engineering industry.

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