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Stainless steel tanks

Alloys resistant to corrosion, are ideal for the production of tanks working in difficult conditions. This may be a reactive soil and atmospheric environment. Or acidic, alkaline, salt medium. Containers must be airtight, strong enough to meet the highest hygiene requirements. Stainless steel meets all the above conditions. Tanks made from it are used for the storage, handling, processing and detention of various products. They may be liquid, gaseous and even bulk. Containers made ​​of stainless steel without prejudice can be disinfected, using aggressive detergents. Tanks are manufactured from various grades of steel with ferritic and austenitic structure.

Chemical composition is developed with account of technological standards and operational conditions. Alloying elements can be titanium, molybdenum, niobium, nickel, manganese and chromium. Additional elements introduced into the composition, impart individual alloy properties. This can be increased heat resistance and formability, resistance to low-temperature environment. Also formulations with additives exhibit enhanced resistance to aggressive environments containing chlorine, sulfur and other elements.

Appointment of stainless steel tanks may be domestic and industrial. Types while also diverse. Containers can be vertical, horizontal, elevated and underground, as well as be used indoors. Provided for rectangular shapes, cylindrical, with flat-bottomed, truncated or conical. There are closed storage tanks — with caps and necks, and open. Some species provide additional equipment, technology and service platform ladder.

Reservoirs of this type can be used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Destination of products — storage, mixing and processing of various compositions. Containers used for receiving, dispensing pressurized and heated with cooling liquid and gaseous products. They used tanks and dumping of waste reprocessing, transportation of environmentally hazardous substances.

Stainless steel products are widely used in the private sector, individual farm. These may be containers for storing water and food. Or underground tanks and storage tanks. Capacity tanks serial or individual production may be different. The main requirement is — the compliance with technical specifications and material fabrication. Taken into account and high quality welds and surfaces.

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