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VSMPO-Avisma will pay dividends for six months

11/08/2015 in VSMPO-Avisma held the Board of Directors. At the meeting a decision was made with respect to the shareholders' meeting. It would be extraordinary and will have to 09.28.2015, the form of voting — absentee. On the agenda — consideration of interim dividend payments for 6mesyachny period. The calculation will be made in the ratio of 1 share — 788 RUB. the date of determination of shareholders who put payments also marked. She will have to 09.10.2015, the basis for the payment of interim dividends were the results of the Corporation in January-June 2015 For Ipolugodie VSMPO-Avisma's revenue hit 32 billion. RUB. Net profit increased by 5 billion. RUBpo compared to the result for the full 2014. If last year figure was 4.019 billion RUB, by the end of June 2015 result — RUB 9.18 billion.

According to the general director of the corporation, Mikhail Voevodin, as strong financial performance is not an accident. The result was obtained at the expense of investment to increase process efficiency. Also produces the financing of production facilities. Achieved positive trend will be maintained. Dividends, given the result, will be paid up to six months.

To date, the portfolio of orders this year, up 28,800 tons of titanium. Regarding last year, the share of products with high added value increased by 15%. If the dollar is relatively stable, holding 2015 production program show good results. According to preliminary estimations of experts it will be the best performance over the past decade. Revenue from sales will reach 67 billion. RUB. Net income will increase to 20 billion. RUB. The previous highest figure for 10 years was observed in 2013 and amounted to 7.45 bln. RUB.

Meanwhile, one of the permanent partners of VSMPO-Avisma, the American concern Boeing conducts research. They relate to reduction of volumes of titanium, used in the manufacture of Dreamliner aircraft. But it is unlikely a replacement will be found easily. According to Director of the John Tracy technologies alternative materials are now being considered. The options are not so much. Replacement may be aluminum or carbon fiber. Both materials are limited in use. Not so long ago replaced the titanium was produced. It has affected the design of the window frame in the cabin and a number of doors. John Tracy believes that aluminum can move when you do not need the extra strength and rigidity.

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