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Happy builder 2015

Every 2nd Sunday of August is not only Russia but also Ukraine, and other former Soviet countries celebrate Day of the builder. The date of the appearance of this professional holiday was 08/12/1956, during the celebration of the Soviet Union was approved by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of September 6, 1955 According to the press notes of the period shows that the appearance of the builders of the holiday was not random. 08.28.1955, it was decided government regulations stipulating measures aimed at industrialization, improving the quality and reducing the cost of construction. In the words of the correspondent of «Construction of the newspaper» article on 09.07.1955, at Decision clearly and distinctly highlights the state of the construction industry, determining the subsequent industrialization path.

With the advent of a new holiday tradition formed various, largely preserved to this day. All the same great masters in their field waiting for the deserved reward. All also held solemn assemblies governmental structures. All the same representatives of the profession are collected for the dinner table to celebrate their achievements. Unfortunately, not so often as early as possible to meet the special exhibitions to mark the holiday. However, gradually it revives a tradition widely celebrate this day.

Another tradition, which appeared on the eve of the festive date — socialist competition, which became a mass phenomenon in the wake of a construction boom. And today, thanks to the spirit of healthy competition in many countries are still functioning really well-known objects. Known to millions of stadium «Luzhniki» builders erected in the years 1955−1956, the first anniversary of the professional holiday.

According to long-established traditions that date is timed delivery of construction projects: hospitals, schools, houses and bridges. Following her in 2000 to the holiday date the builders have finished the grand object under construction for 5 years — the recreated Moscow Christ the Savior Cathedral. Representatives of this trade is carried out the solemn meeting. Do not do without greeting concerts for workers in the industry and honoring veterans builders.

I would like to congratulate all builders on their professional holiday. Put aside the trowel, remove the helmet, mark the anniversary with family and friends you-minded people. Your work is important and your merits are undeniable, you bring people to benefit and pleasure. And today, paying tribute to your efforts and hard work, we say — with Builder's Day!

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