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Russian Copper Company continues to evaluate a project Tomino

In Chelyabinsk, in the office RCC hosted a meeting of representatives of STC-Geotechnology, Mining Tomino and the public. The main issues addressed the gathering, and touched on the technological features of the economic importance of the project. Ulanovka Valery, CEO of Tomino plant, provided general information about the project, reviewed the stages of the work to date. Raised he Tomino GOK influence on the economic development of the region. The project envisages two stages. In general, the entire term structure of the plant will reach a maximum of 20 months. Iochered will be launched in November 2017. In 2019 the plant will reach an annual capacity of 28 million. Tons of ore.

During the discussion on the technological aspects were concerned. They discussed security gornovzryvnyh stages, safety of construction works and the use of tailings. Also, questions were raised with respect to the preparation of professional staff and plant resources. The guests were interested in the question regarding the dispersion of stones and the possibility of reaching 4−5 km in the explosion. Alexander Sokolovsky — STC-Geotechnology — assured that the project complied with federal regulations on conducting gornovzryvnyh work. The maximum scattering of stones in the explosion of 400−500 meters, the air-gas wave of 350 meters. A. Sokolowski is fully aware of the responsibility for the decisions incorporated in the draft Mining Tomino. Another «hot» topic of the meeting — the socio-economic issues related to the implementation of the project.

However, priority in the discussion belonged to the economic and engineering points. During the meeting were discussed:

ü to elect the method of obtaining the ore;

ü The responsibility assumed by directly Tomino GOK regarding safety during blasting operations;

ü Environmental aspects of technologies used in the processing of copper concentrate;

ü The relevance of the technology used for enrichment.

Also discussed toxicity reagents planned for use in the enrichment of the raw material. Members of the public were provided detailed and comprehensive answers of experts. Not paid attention to the issue and remediation, as well as the measures envisaged in the recovery area.

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