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The global nickel market is expecting a surplus

Australian bank Macquarie Experts believe that in 2015, a surplus of nickel on the global market will reach 15 000 tonnes. Previous forecast of analysts, the amount of excess metal promises of 30 000 tonnes has undergone adjustments. In the first five months of this year, a nickel surplus on the global market reached the level of 19,000 tonnes. These data were provided by World Bureau of Metal Statistics. In accordance with the calculation of the volume of nickel production reached 5mesyachny for the period 734 000 tonnes. The level of consumption showed 715,000 tonnes.

As previously reported, later rely on jump in nickel prices this year. According to experts at JP Morgan IIIkvartale demand for the metal will go down. According to Barclays PRC shows weak demand in relation to nickel. Consumers are forced to pay a considerable premium to the cost of metal to ensure its receipt. Among other things, the volume of the Philippine ore shipments increased. And improved quality of raw materials.

Representatives of the Japanese company Sumitomo Metal Mining is also confident in the future surplus of nickel. Early forecast has undergone adjustments. According to previous data nickel market and does expect a deficit of 5000 tonnes — the first time in the last five years. Now, however, the level of expected surplus of up to 12 000 tonnes, taking into account the decrease in demand from China. Sumitomo The analysts believe that in 2016 the nickel market is still overtake a shortage of metal.

In the current year, Sumitomo expects to reduce the volume of production to the level of 1 million. 947 thousand. Tonnes. Fall thus amount to 1.5%. As for consumption, the growth of 0.1% to reach 1 million. 935 thousand. Tonnes. According to preliminary estimates, lack of supply will reach 126,000 tons. For several years, the development of new nickel projects is not expected. Accordingly, the ratio of offer-demand change. The consumption of the metal is directly reduced in Japan. As a result, another correction level of 151.2 thous. Tons will fall by 7.2%, reaching 146.4 thousand. Tonnes.

Supposed to decrease production of electrolytic nickel, China. Socrates and production of nickel pig iron in China. The drop was 23.1% compared to last year, to the level of 350,000 tonnes. When this stainless steel consumption will increase by 4.6%. Among the influencing factors indicated slowdown in China's economic development. Also take into account anti-dumping duties on Chinese stainless steel supply in Europe and the growth of production of nickel steel.

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