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The EU will enhance anti-dumping duties on Chinese and Taiwanese stainless steel

Members of the European Union agree to the introduction of high anti-dumping duties with respect to imports from the PRC and Taiwan. This is a cold-rolled product from Taiwan and China. Such sanctions, it was decided to apply after a complaint filed in May last year. The investigation started on it in June, 2014. The size of the EU's duties range from 24.3% to 25.3% from Chinese stainless steel coil, sheet and strip. For stainless steel from Taiwan fee of 6.8% will be applied. Most of the EU by voting approved the imposition of the increased duty.

ES Commission plans to introduce new tariffs before 09/25/2015. Eurofer, meanwhile, refused to complaints based on alleged subsidies to Chinese producers of stainless steel address. Review complaints occurred due to the impossibility of raising tariffs. Especially when you consider that the existing tariff and so occupies the top position.

As analysts have estimated, deliveries of stainless cold-rolled steel from Taiwan and China during 2013 collected the sum of 620 million. EURO. The share of the joint imports amounted to over 17% of the stainless steel market in the European Union. Also, the statistics indicate that the volume of imports from these countries increased by more than 3-fold from 2010 to 2014gg. According to Eurofer, stainless steel in the EU market during this period of growth is not observed. Thus, the domestic producer incomes were reduced. There is already a list of Chinese companies, which are affected by the adopted amendments. These include StainlessSteelCo, ShanxiTaigangStainlessSteelCoi BaosteelStainlessSteelCo. List of Taiwanese manufacturers include YiehUnitedSteelCorpi TangEngIronWorksCo. These companies may also be affected by the decision.

Analysts believe that the increase in tariffs guarantee a decrease of imported volumes of stainless steel in E. C. At the same time increase the profit of the domestic manufacturer.

The EU is the world's leading exporter of steel scrap in the last year. However, the supply of scrap increased by only 0.3% to $ 17 million. Tons. US shipments were down 17.1% to 15.3 million. Tons. The US began to occupy only IImesto on the results in 2014. The report from the Bureau of International Recycling demonstrates the growth in the use of steel scrap in steel production by 0.9% to 585 million. Tons. More than 97 million. Tons of products traded on the international market.

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