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China's economy is slowing down, the supply of steel continue to rise

China's economy continues to slow, but overseas shipments of steel while growing up. Accordingly, world prices are down, profits of steel companies is reduced. The number of trade disputes is growing rapidly. China's manufacturing exports is supported by the available surplus on the background of domestic demand fluctuations. The drop in demand always leads to cost reduction. No wonder that in the beginning of 2015, prices fell by 26%. Most of the Chinese producers suffering losses. Within six months, they amounted to 21.68 billion yuan -. Or 3.43 billion USD… To compensate for damage to most of the production is exported.

The July delivery of steel products abroad increased by 9.5%, reaching 9.73 million. Tons. Over the past six months is a record mark. Exports of steel China reached 62.13 million. 7mesyachny tonnes for the period 2015. volume growth was 27%. The volume of iron ore imported into the PRC increased by 15% in July, reaching 86.1 million. Tons. Since December 2014 is the highest rate. Metallurgical manufacturers engaged in the purchase of raw materials to the cost of, the border descended to the lowest in 19 months. In the period from January through July of China bought iron ore in the amount of 539 million. Tons.

According to customs statistics, China's July steel manufacturers have developed 65,840,000. Tons of steel. This is lower by 4.6% on an annualized basis. By June, the average daily steel output fell by 7.6% to 2.124 million. Tons. For 7mesyachny between Chinese steelmakers have developed 476,040,000. Tons of steel products. Relatively to the same period last year fall in production volume was 1%. The volume exported in July, production increased by 21%, reaching the level of 9.73 million. Tons. This figure is almost came close to the record in the January 10,290,000. Tons.

According to data provided to Reuters, China is now gradually reduces export value of metal-roll. Falling prices against the background of the devaluation of the yuan. Some metallurgical enterprises reduced the cost of building bars in the 5−10 USD / ton. In January-July 2015 the PRC increased production of metal products by 1.5% to reach 650.91 million. Tons. The production of pig iron decreased by 2.8% to 414.27 million. Tons. On expectations of experts in August, the situation will deteriorate even further, given the closing of the Beijing production with 20.08.2015 on 03.09.2015.

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