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Ukraine's Independence Day

Every year in late August, takes place the celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine. It was established 24.08.1992, the «Act of Independence of Ukraine.» This date is the day of the appearance of an independent Ukrainian state. The historical calculations related to Ukraine and its efforts to gain independence, the starting point is the creation of the IX century in the Kievan state. In the XVII century after his demise and the formation of small principalities appeared Cossack Hetman state. It lasted until the end of the 18th century, then to the 20th century, now an independent state remained a dream.

In 1917, after the revolution, the national Ukrainian movement became apparent more clearly. As a result, at the end of November 1917 was formed the «Third Estate», announces the Ukrainian People's Republic. Then there were the concepts of freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly, has been declared the abolition of the death penalty. However, the Ukrainian government has rebuffed the Council of People's Commissars, refusing to allow the entry of troops to Ukraine. Access to the Don Cossacks and white officers, was also blocked. As a result of these measures broke the Ukrainian-Bolshevik war. Sensing his weakness, the UNR involved in opposition to Germany. In February 1918, the German-Ukrainian forces started an offensive in the territory occupied by the Bolsheviks. The result was the German occupation, the subsequent civil war and intervention.

Such a difficult period lasted until March 1919. constitution «Independent USSSR» was adopted in this period, during the All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets. At the end of December 1920 of the RSFSR and the USSR signed an agreement on military and economic cooperation. This agreement fixed the dependence of the Ukrainian Republic of the RSFSR. It was only in August 1991, the country was able to get another chance. August 24 the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR signed the act of declaration of independence. Confirmation of the referendum held on December 1, 1991

Like all state ceremonial events, Independence Day is celebrated lavishly and noisy. Organized entertainment events, exhibitions and concerts, accompanied by folk festivals. Symbols in these days especially widespread. The streets are decorated with yellow and blue flags, residents put wreaths and embroidered with multi-colored ribbons. Loaves that are presented at ceremonies, decorated with ribbons and ears.

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