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Stocks Nosachivske titanium will last for two centuries

There are at Smelyanschine Nosacheva village, remarkable titanium deposit. On the development of a unique mine started talking 11 years ago. Titanium deposits are conventional, Loose. The breed also observed a continuous array. Production of ilmenite ore provides an open way. Nosachivske in the global section can take 4% of the market. Here it will be provided about 2,5−3 thousand operating points. Construction Mining, producing ceramics, brick and glass, will have an impact on the Ukrainian economy. Equally significant, the company significantly improve the social infrastructure and Nosacheva, and surrounding villages.

The plans, of course, attractive. However, the real work is not moving from the spot. The reasons in this case are different — from a lack of public funding to the lack of investors. Victor Kravchenko, the village head, hoping that the situation will improve. The new field, Ukraine needs. Titanium is used in missile and aviation sector as a structural metal. It is used in food processing, shipbuilding, medical industry. Apply in non-ferrous metallurgy — and much more. This titanium — one of the few metals — exhibits high corrosion resistance.

It is necessary to take into account the opinion of experts, according to which the demand for titanium will grow. Estimates «Olin Research» 2018 Western Hemisphere will need to watch in titanium at 260−265 mln. Pounds. However, the next year and a half, demand for the metal does not become a lever to increase the value. Experts believe that the level of prices for titanium scrap provide the bar at 9 USD / lb. For more, you can not expect, given the surplus on the market. If we consider the long term, the aerospace sector say its weighty word. Analysts believe that it is able to ensure the growth of per million. Pounds. It is necessary to take into account the fact titanium consumption by this sector contracts. And the intensification of the spot market will be provided by the increase in oil and gas and other sectors.

As long as prices remain fairly stable. Statistics show that the cost of billet of titanium 6Al-4V continues to be 8−8,75 USD / lb. The buyers of titanium products with the claim that the market is watching the preparations for the increased demand. Some sources claim that the titanium reserves are falling. Because to some extent necessary to fill them.

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