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«Wolf Minerals» starts processing plant at Hemerdon

Company «Wolf Minerals», Australia, actively expanding its activities. Recently, its representatives announced the launch of the processing plant in the county of Devon in the UK. The project involves the development of abandoned mine Hemerdon. It is located 10 kilometers north of Plymouth. For the Australian company the right to mine passed in 2007. At that time, when evaluating the mine assets in the depths, there were about 40 million. Tons of ore. The tin content therein was 0.029%, the content of 0.183% tungsten trioxide.

The project, developed by experts «Wolf Minerals», involves the processing of the processing plant 3 million. Tons of ore annually. It is planned to receive 40% of tin concentrate in the volume of 450 tons per year. The amount received during the year 65% of tungsten concentrate will reach 3500 tons. Consumers will receive the first batch of products at this year's IIIkvartale.

Hemerdon mine began operating in 1917. This tungsten deposits were discovered in 1867. However, production at the mine was conducted only two years. In 1919, the works were stopped until 1943. During the Second World War mine earned again. British troops took large amounts of tungsten. It was used in the manufacture of shells. And the work did not last long again — until 1944. When metal resumption of supplies from abroad to work Hemerdon stopped.

In the mid-60s mine again hit the spotlight tungsten companies. The impetus was the acquisition of a license for its development of a Canadian entrepreneur. However, production at the field has not begun. The mine is in 1976 became the property of Hemerdon Mining & Smelting. Later, together with the American company Amax its exploration activities were carried out. The main objective is the revaluation of the reserves. Operation of the mine, however, has not begun. Same rights to Hemerdon, as mentioned, have moved to «Wolf Minerals» in 2007.

United Kingdom for more than one century, holds leading positions in the field of tin mining. In the first half XXveka development of tungsten production also peaked. However, over time the United Kingdom as a manufacturer of these metals has receded into the background. Company «Wolf Minerals» is fully capable to restore back the lost glory of the UK.

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