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In Yakutia could resume production of tin

Perhaps Yakut tin will again produce a couple of years. Anyway, for this there are all prerequisites. As part of the import substitution program Yakut Ministry of Industry has proposed to hold an auction. Lot will be the tin-bearing deposits in the region. Placers Tirehtyaha licenses will be developed by «Yanolovo». They are located in the south-west of the Deputies' village. The distance is 60 km. Experts believe this unique field. Analogues it in Russian is not available — either on reserves or on the quality of raw materials. Concentrates obtained from ore, have little or no contaminants. And this is the key to the high cost of the implementation.

Today, tin mining in the Russian Federation is carried out exclusively in the Khabarovsk Territory. Get his Tin Mining Company and Pravourmiyskoepredpriyatie included in «Rusolovo». In 2014, the volume of the resulting conscientious tin concentrate amounted to 300 tons. And this is only 10% of the country's needs. The missing 90% of the metal shipped from China, Portugal, Bolivia. Processing is performed Novosibirsk Tin Works, the only one in the Russian Federation.

Harness the field on its own republic not. You do not have enough funding. In order to attract investors from the Ministry of Industry of Yakutia has identified a series of measures. Negotiations were held with the Novosibirsk combine with Rusolovo. Potential investors interested in the proposal for the joint development of tin reserves on mutually beneficial terms. However, the company is mulling a bid. The delay in the decision can be understood. To date, the financial problems affect both processors, and miners of raw materials.

Currently, «Yanolovo» employing technical documentation preparation. A project development, exploration works are planned. These steps the company is able to provide on its own in the preparation of feasibility study of conditions. It requires approval of their routine. Then go to the technical project Gosglavekspertizu. There he will wait for the conclusion of experts. On the implementation of all stages — here also includes the purchase of equipment — must be 2 years. In general, the project will require investments of $ 1.228 billion. RUB.

At the federal level, the idea was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. For «Yanolovo 'investments applied for the Industrial Development Fund. He was able to provide 300 million project. RUB.

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