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In the first half performance of the plant. AK Serov improved

During the six-month period of performance indicators of JSC «Metallurgical Plant. AK Serov «, which is part of UGMK, improved. Enterprise was released 247,500 tons of steel and calibrated rolled metal commodity. This result is 10% higher than the same period last year. Alex Schrader, director of the factory, with the result justifiably proud. In May, in the main shops of the enterprise was carried out major repairs. In comparison with 2014 year the situation for the company has developed more favorably. Within 6 months, plant capacities were loaded by almost 100%. Now there is a decline in the consumption of rolled metal products. This is especially true mix for the engineering industry. However, A. Schrader hopes that IIIkvartale will see an increase in demand from the processing companies. And it is counting on state aid through the implementation to support systemically important sectors programs.

It should be noted that on the eve of the Day of Metallurgist of the plant has been awarded municipal, provincial and federal level. More than 200 employees received union and corporate promotion. The plans of the company's management — the production of 500,000 tons of metal in 2015. As far as the main objectives, the plant should be completed overhaul and put into operation a blast furnace number 5. Before you start, it must be equipped with automatic control system.

As part of the repair of the oven right now is working on the installation of refrigeration equipment. The first was installed 10-ton refrigerator iron notch. Penigzhanin Vitali, director of the blast furnace shop, spoke about the ongoing works. Much of the work takes a contracting company «Uraldomnaremont». Now the contractor has begun to rise and the subsequent installation of refrigeration equipment. Produced by the rise of the large unit. After that planned installation of all the equipment belt. Weight refrigerators — 10, 4 and 2 tons.

The main function of the refrigerator blast furnace — heat dissipation. The unit is a plate made of cast iron, which is built of steel coil. In general, refrigeration equipment blast furnace weighs about 400 tons. The deadline for implementation of the project — the end of summer. In addition to the installation of refrigeration equipment is working on the installation of automatic control system. It is similar to the system № furnace 1, but many of the features have undergone improvements.

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