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RMK escalate copper production

According to published «Kommersant» to «Russian Copper Company» will increase the production of copper. In 2017, the company intends to produce 0,34−0,35 mln. Tons of metal a year. Capacity revolutions happen due to start I turn Tomino GOK. RMK bears truly Napoleonic plans. Its intention is not only to the development of production. The company expects to reduce the difference in volume production with similar businesses. To this end, development of new investment projects. Their main goal — to increase productivity.

Another direction of development of RMK — delivered growth on the global copper market volumes. To date, the export volumes of the order of 80%. This amount — around 1% of the global market. With the growth of production and increase the proportion of copper in the world market RMK. The company's specialists are building their hopes on the development of industrialization. The annual use of copper in this case will always grow.

In Tomino GOK «Russian Copper Company» invested about 55 billion. RUB. During the year, the number of processed ore will be about 28 million. Tons. At the same time 14 million. Tons of mine will be able to handle even after I start queue. Taking into account the processing of large volumes, the company can process the ore with low content of copper. The company's management expects to start Phase I in 2017. Running stage II will be held in 2018.

Not only Russian company expects to increase production volumes. GFMS experts, based on data from the leading manufacturers, talk about general production growth. As a result Ikvartala 2015 copper production grew by 3% compared to the same period last year. The highest rates demonstrates Indonesia, Congo and the United States. Chile, despite the problems, is in the forefront. Only one Chilean mine «Escondida» provide increased volumes by 35%. Analysts say an excess of copper at 400 000 tons in the world market. The cost of the metal to reach 5975 USD per ton.

ICSG Analysts have suggested that differ little from the GFMS data. According to them, the copper surplus will be 364,000 tons. For the first time in the last 6 years, consumption will be lower output. In 2016, the surplus of the metal will drop to the level of 230 000 tonnes, given the growth in demand. However, many experts believe that the surplus will be lower than predicted due to problems in the Chilean companies.

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