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Copper production increases

It was published the July newsletter from the International Copper Study Group. In these publications shows the state of the global copper market during this period. According to information provided by the production of refined copper adult is 3%. This increase was observed during January-April 2015. Issue of primary production increased by 2%. Secondary production showed an increase of 8.5%. During the month of refined copper output in China increased by 6%. Japan, the US and Chile, on the other hand, there is a decrease in the production of 4% each. Asia and Africa registered a 6% to 7% growth, respectively, in the production of refined copper.

World production of raw copper in the mines increased by 3% over the period 4hmesyachny. Copper concentrate production registered an increase of 3% over the same period. Red metal production in Indonesia and Chile for the period recovered. Copper mines of Peru, standing in the world on the 3rd place on the level of production, made ​​of copper is 4% more. On the contrary, the US manufacturing indicators fell by 6%.

At the same time the global copper consumption estimated by analysts in January-April 2015 decreased by 4%. Reduced apparent demand from China amounted to 5%. Other countries have reduced the use of copper at 3%. Demand from Russia fell by 43%. Demand in the EU there was a decline of 7%. Reducing the visible Japanese demand for the period was 6%.

The July newsletter reviewed the data in April 2015. Given the increased demand from China, the production of copper showed a deficit in almost 80 thousand tons. The monthly surplus after the seasonal adjustment of the production and use of copper amounted to 30 thousand tons. For 4 months copper balance showed a surplus production of 60 thousand tons. During the same period last year observed deficit amounted to 436 000 tonnes.

Russian leader in the production of copper, UMMC, for 6 months of this year increased by 3% industrial indicators in comparison with the year 2014. Kozitsin Andrew, CEO of the company, believes that the positive trend will be maintained. These assumptions are based on the cost of copper, an increase from 5.6 to 6.2 thousand. USD / ton. Probably, this price will last until the end of the year. Today there is a surplus of the metal after 4hletnego shortage on the world market. According to A. Kozitsyna situation it is cyclical and it is quite normal. However, the main goal — to develop a competitive product.

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