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With Metallurgist's Day!

Fire element is dangerous and unpredictable. The work also requires a fire fortitude and courage. Every third Sunday of July celebrate their holiday metallurgists truly courageous people. Metallurgy and the country's economy things are virtually inseparable. And the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium in due time clearly confirmed this. Recognizing the contribution of industry in the postwar period in the economy, the Government has established the Day of Metallurgist. September 28, 1957 was issued a corresponding decree. Twice more professional holiday affirms its status — in 1980 and 1988. At this time, a decree on celebrating the Metallurgist Day have been released again. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, this festival has retained its value.

Left in the calendar, it is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Celebrating its all those whose labor activity at least in some way associated with metallurgy. This professional holiday and blast furnace steel makers, blacksmiths, foundry workers and distributors. And deservedly miners believe that day his holiday. Yes and the truth — for the production of metal ore needed.

Some professions related to metal, has more than a century. Archaeology has shown that metal-working people involved, starting with Vili VIveka BC And today, people celebrate the Day of Metallurgist many countries. Every year, in the cities, where are the processing plants, and smelters are arranged unforgettable holidays. What a holiday without the processions and parades? No concerts and ceremonies? Often it is the Day of Metallurgists conduct ceremony and awarded prizes. Russia has the title of «Honored Metallurgist of the Russian Federation». It assigns the decree of the President of the veterans of the profession, spent in this sector is not less than 10−15 years.

Let us and in turn we congratulate all those who, one way or another, linked to the metallurgical industry. Good health, confidence and firm hand, courage and faith in their own strength. With Metallurgist's Day!

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