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Volumes of supplies of Russian stainless steel fall

This stems from the rupture of commercial agreements with Ukrainian consumers. And in fact, Ukraine was the main importer of Russian stainless steel. And negative situation affects not the best way to supply in general, as reported by representatives of the Association «Steels».

In the four months since the beginning of the year export volumes of the main stainless products fell by 72.4% to 1082 tonnes. This is in comparison to the same period in 2014. If we compare with a 4-month figures of 2013, the decline was 87.3%. This includes deliveries of long products. volume decline was 80.6%. Volumes delivered flat products fell by 42% Stainless steel wire shows a decline in the level of 94.9%, primary billet -. 99.2%. Volumes of supplies pipe fittings decreased by 17%, electric-welded pipes by 36.1%. Quantity shipped seamless tubes fell by 78.2%.

It would be a decrease of external supply was due to internal growth. However, it is not. For the same volume of 4 months Russian production of stainless steel fell by 6%. The decline compared to the same period in 2014 amounted to 31.2%, reaching 24,094 tons. In particular, the production of long products fell by 8.6%. Flat-rolled products shows a decrease of 1.1%.

According to experts, the volume of imports of flat-rolled stainless steel is reduced through the fault of the end user. In particular due to the reduction in effective demand. According to the «Special steels» in May, the number of Russian imports of flat rolled products fell by 4.2% to 12,433 tonnes. The comparison was made with respect to the April data. Moreover, the volume of hot-rolled steel increased by 3.2%. Cold rolling is down by 5.2%.

In the stainless steel area Experts believe that Russia needs a modern plant for the production of flat steel. And this view was supported by the participants of the conference «Stainless steel and 2015 the Russian market.» It was held in late April in the Moscow region and Moscow. The conference discussed issues of development of the stainless steel market. Examines the economic conditions, prospects for production, supply especially in the crisis period. It also raises questions about the development of import substitution and dynamics of consumption of stainless steel in Russia. The participants were presented aspects of the Russian stainless steel market in these circumstances.

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