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"Norilsk Nickel" plans to create a company Arctic

«Norilsk Nickel» has long won the title of the world's largest producer of palladium and nickel. MMC «Norilsk Nickel» the undisputed leader in the production of copper, rhodium, platinum and cobalt. Also, the Russian company produces selenium, tellurium, iridium, ruthenium, gold and silver. Corporation Division located in the Norilsk industrial area of ​​Russia, on the Kola Peninsula and Finland. Not surprisingly, the location of its assets cover a considerable area, including even the Arctic. Now experts «Norilsk Nickel» considering the possibility of allocating the aging of the Arctic assets into a separate company. This information was recently provided media Pavel Fedorov, who is the first vice-president of the company.

According to him, this decision was taken on the basis of the company's strategy by 2013. According to her, «Norilsk Nickel» focuses on the development of first-class Russian assets. Non-core and underperforming foreign power company intends to sell. Also in the «Norilsk Nickel» intention is to strengthen the role of copper and platinum group metals in the portfolio. According to the head of the Russian company, the deal will allow the creation of a world-class platinum group. It will be able to take its rightful place in the world top ten producers. In addition, the new group will have an attractive growth opportunities and options. The new company will be inherent in «the listing profile» «Norilsk Nickel». The latter is known freely traded on the London and Moscow stock exchange.

MMC «Norilsk Nickel» has recently announced a tender for the development of industrial assets database. On electronic trading platform «Fabrikant» was posted documents. In accordance with it the maximum value of the contract will amount to 30 mln. RUB. The task of the contractor will develop a methodology of conducting regulatory documents and database assets. Also to be templates for the formation of the migration information in SAP ERP.

The contractor, who won the competition, will create the regulations, instructions and other documentation related to the introduction of the SAP system. Also, its task is to plan and conduct the training of specialists. It picked up their part in the future will be created to work with databases. The deadline for delivery of works — 30/09/2016. Apply it requested prior to 20.07.2015, at the trading electronic platform «Fabrikant».

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