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Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant increases revenues

Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant is the leading Russian company in the field of zinc production. Recently, representatives of the plant released figures for CZP Ikvartal 2015. During this period, recorded revenue growth of 121% to reach 6.913 billion. RUB. The increase in gross profit was 289% to 2.541 billion. RUBotnositelno same period last year.

Before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization profit of the company increased by 405% to $ 2.401 billion. RUB. At the same time EBITDA ratio showed an increase of 35% compared to 15% in the last year Ikvartale. During this period, income before tax, amounting to 2.022 billion. RUBvozros at 488%. Net profit hit 1.597 billion. RUB. The increase amounted to 441% compared to the same period in 2014. As explained by representatives of the company, revenue growth was observed against the background of the relations USD: RUB. Also during this period there was an increase in domestic sales. The increase was 42% to 29 700 tonnes. In Ikvartale last year sales reached 20 900 tons. In Ikvartale plant proceeds from the sale of zinc and its alloys has increased by 157% compared to the same period in 2014. In monetary equivalent figure was 4.282 billion. RUB.

CZP Revenues from other products increased by 67% to $ 574 million. RUBotnositelno Ikvartala last year. Growth was observed on the background of those collected precious metal residues, increasing the cost of zinc sulfate when you change the exchange rate.

For comparison — the income from sales of products Nova Zinc has increased by 56% in 2014 relative to Ikvartale. This growth was observed on the background of the relations of KZT to RUB. Income Brock Metal Company Limited during the period amounted to 1.513 billion. RUB. This figure is 150% higher than the result Ikvartala 2014. Growth was observed on the background of the course change sterling to RUB. Also saw the rise of the implementation of zinc alloys by 39% to 9600 tonnes.

In late June, it held the annual meeting of shareholders of CZP. It was attended by the shareholders directly or their representatives. The meeting discussed the annual report of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant for 2014. The annual report together with the financial statements approved by the shareholders. Profits derived by an enterprise in 2014, it was decided to invest in investment activities. This dividend will not be paid.

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