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ArcelorMittal is recognized as the best provider of premium steel

Representatives of the world manufacturer «PSA Peugeot Citroën» ArcelorMittal refer to the best suppliers. It is a steel grade of «premium» used in the automotive sector. For the production of ArcelorMittal Fortiform — line of high-strength steels for cold forming — the company has received the award. The main advantage of the new products — a weight loss of 10−20%. Saving steel allows manufacturers to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Rank strategic supplier for «PSA Peugeot Citroën» company has since 2011. «PSA Peugeot Citroën» is one of the leaders in the field of steel production. Steel Product ArcelorMittal Peugeot 308 received the title of «Car of 2014». ArcelorMittal also received the status of the «best» from the German company Dana Reinz. This company is known for the quality of our products and level of customer service. Dana Reinz engaged in the design, delivery and the development of a number of services for screening, engine sealing. The company also owns the title of the leading global supplier of sealing systems and transmissions in the automotive industry worldwide. ArselorMitall — one of the 3 producers — was awarded to supplier summit in the automotive industry this year. Representatives Dana Reinz indicate readiness maintain strong long-term relationship with ArcelorMittal.

The award was given to Philippe Antoine, the head of the engineering sector «ArcelorMittal Automotive Worldwide». He explained that the award recognizes the company's ability to conclude the global technology market, satisfying global demand for materials for the automotive sector. Summit participants recognized the benefits of a collaborative approach of engineering companies and automakers to work. It allows to solve arising problems, develop solutions and products to meet the needs.

It should be noted that ArselorMitall remains at I place among the leading manufacturers of steel. Russian companies took place from 21 positions. It NLMK produces 16,110,000. Tons. At 22 place located Evraz, which released in 2014 15,540,000. Tons of steel. Severstal takes place 27 — 14.23 million tons of products… 30th place belongs to CMI in the production of 13,030,000. Tons.

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