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Analysts predict a decrease in the cost of copper

July 22 representatives of Goldman Sachs Group lowered its own forecast of copper value until 2018. Specialists one of the leading investment banks are sure to drop prices. Bank expects 4000 USD / ton of red metal in 2018. By the end of next year, copper costs 4500 USD / ton. In late 2014, the bank has suggested that in the middle of this year, 1 ton of copper will demonstrate the value of 6200 USD. Early next year, the price per ton will drop to 6,000 USD / ton.

In his report, analysts pointed out the reasons for reducing the short-term, long-term and medium-term forecasts for the metal. One of the contributing factors was the projected decline in the growth of demand from China. Said, and the growing belief in the supply growth of copper for 3 years. Also affected are not so conservative assumptions about extraction rates in dollar terms. However, these factors did not interfere with his brothers Reuben. Former business partners Deripaska in December last year bought the company «Metro International Trade Services». Pervonachalnymvladeltsemvystupal Goldman Sachs Group. Today, the company controls in Detroit for about 30% of aluminum and copper warehouses.

Meanwhile LMEstoimost copper with a 3-month delivery fell 0.9%. Price eventually was 5311 USD / ton. Over the past 2 weeks this is the most low levels. Yes, and the index value 6ti basic metals decreased by 14% in 2015. Lowering prices on the London Stock Exchange for nickel, lead, aluminum is observed the third month in a row. Fitch Ratings experts believe that excess copper in 2015 will reach the level of 100−150 thousand tons. If the cost of metal to fall to 4,500 USD / ton or less, can be expected to limit supply. In this case, the manufacturers were forced to revise timelines for new projects. This situation is not new and has already been observed in the hydrocarbon example.

However, the situation on the copper market is not as desperate as compared to gold. Goldman Sachs Group Experts believe that the precious metal come the worst period in the history of their trade. By the end of 2015, the cost will fall to below 1000 USD / ounce. Future trends in the bank's representatives have refused to sound. At the end of July futures on the metal with the August delivery traded in New York at the price of 091,50 USD / ounce.

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