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In I quarter of 2015. there was an excess of zinc

As a result of the statistics published by international research team lead and zinc, the global zinc market in January-March, there was an excess of metal. His number reached 140 thousand tons in the three months of 2015. Zinc volumes stored in the warehouses of the London Stock Exchange, for Ikvartala fell by 180 000 tonnes. On the other hand, zinc reserves of Shanghai Stock Exchange increased by 57 000 tonnes. According to the data provided by manufacturers of zinc reserves increased by 40 000 tonnes in January-March 2015.

At the same time China's mines have reduced metal production. However, this factor was offset by the growth of production from the mining companies in other countries. These included Peru, Australia, Sweden and India. Total Exploration on zinc mines increased by 4.3% during the three months of this year compared to the same period in 2014.

In 2015 Ikvartale metal smelting refined zinc reached the mark of 3.414 million. Tons. This figure exceeds the result of same period last year — 3,153,000 tons -. 4.3%. Development of refined zinc increased in China, India, Canada, Korea. In comparison with the figures for January-March 2014 the volume of Chinese imports of refined zinc Ikvartala 2015 decreased by 78%.

Global consumption of zinc production increased by 2.3% in January-March 2015, which amounted to 3.274 million. Tons. Demand for zinc in China increased by 3.9%. metal consumption in the US shows growth of 13.9% over the three months. Also, an increase in performance in Thailand, Korea and Africa. Zinc consumption in European countries compared to the same period last year remained virtually unchanged. In January-February of the current year surplus reached the level of 33.1 thousand. Tonnes. As a result of the February statistics zinc production amounted to 1,102,100. Tonnes with consumption at the level of 1,110,600. Tons.

According to preliminary estimates of experts in March ILZSG world production in the zinc mines demonstrates the level of 1.08 million. Tons. World refined metal smelting amounts to 1.144 million. Tons. At the same time consumption reached 1.107 million. Tons.

In 2014, zinc metal sector has seen a deficit of 296 000 tonnes. According to statistics, the global zinc production reached 13,513,000. Tons, while consumption in the amount of 13,809,000. Tons. Thus in 2013 the deficit reached the level of 97,000 tonnes.

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