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On the Day of Russia

June 12 we celebrate the Day of Russia on the anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. Until 2002, the date was called «Independence Day», and it is not surprising that many people still refer to a great moment in this way. I must say that for many countries, Independence Day is a national holiday. It is timed to the ground state, or an end to the occupation of action, or to the separation of the country from other countries.

The status of «state» holiday received 12 June 1994, after a decree signed by Yeltsin. And on this day, Russia has its first popularly elected president. I must say that a new holiday was not willing to settle down. Unlike traditional festivities people do not understand and do not take a «Day of acceptance of the declaration» or «Independence Day», considering his usual output. About which, by the way, some managed to forget, come to work. And then by the president received a proposal to rename the June 12, Russia Day. Thus, February 1, 2002 a significant date was renamed.

Then the ratio of citizens for the holiday was to change gradually. And public authorities actively contributed to the popularization of the festival. And today, marking the Day of Russia, in the camp held a variety of cultural activities to unite the population. Russia Day proclaims the idea of ​​justice, democracy and social responsibility.

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