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Happy Constitution of Ukraine

For any country that claims to be a «civilized» must have the Constitution. Constitution, not just officially recognized, but the real action. Only in this case, the government is waiting for a bright future. Today, Ukraine celebrates the law that regulates the basic principles of the state and the foundations of society, politics and the economy.

In Ukraine, the first independent Constitution was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada June 28, 1996. When developing the project was considered state symbols, questions about the rights of citizens and the state language. The Constitution of Ukraine declares the country a sovereign independent state legal. The highest social value in it — a man, his health and life, his honor and dignity. The head of state is the president, he is also a guarantor of the Constitution. Day, when he was adopted Ukrainian main state law was approved by the official holiday.

Throughout the development of the Ukraine lay in wait for difficulties. Since ancient times, the country has experienced civil wars and conquest. Because it is not surprising that today, so much importance is given to the achievement of stability and a unified approach to the management of the state.

Perhaps not all Ukrainians perceive this day as a holiday. This situation is due to the fact that at this stage of development of the country's constitutional provisions and rules are not working at full strength. But we hope that the Declaration will become a reality for everyone. Then the people of Ukraine will feel secure and free, look forward with confidence. And then proudly be able to say that Ukraine is a democratic state.

I cordially congratulate you on the Day of Constitution of Ukraine!

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