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produced 80 million on the Taimyr mine, a branch of "Norilsk Nickel". ton of ore

The mine Taimyr branch «Norilsk Nickel» in the Arctic established a unique record. The other day there was produced the 80 millionth ton of rich raw materials. Taimyr mine fulfills lovely Oktyabrsky deposit. The main product produced — copper-nickel ores. Today, mining is carried out with a surface area 6 vertical shafts. Also involved stowing and haulage horizons. Deep horizons will be provided with air through the ventilation shaft. BC-7 Construction is now at the final stage. Ore is mined using a variety of systems development. The main is a camera system. It is designed without the possibility of access for people to the treatment area.

Taimyr mine is recognized as one of the deepest mines Eurasian. Location ore body trunk provides the use of the surface at a depth of 1,450 thousand meters. The first phase of the field was put into operation 12.30.1982 By the number of extracted raw materials, the company holds a rich I place among the polar enterprises. Volumes produced at the Taimyr mine nickel on the total number of enterprises of «Norilsk Nickel» mining exceed 35%. Copper mining is more than 21%. Volumes produced platinum group metals account for over 15%. cobalt extraction — more than 38%. Now Taimyr mine for rich ore reserves is considered the most secured venture company. Experts believe that their development will need at least 40 years.

For the development of the mine using the most modern equipment. In 2015, at the «Norilsk Nickel» enterprise new self-propelled machines arrive in the Arctic. Its number will reach 22 units. To date, it delivered 11 units of self-propelled equipment. The remaining cars are expected before the end of the year. New equipment purchased under the project to update the worn equipment. Taimyr mine will receive 2 units of self-propelled equipment. The same amount will be delivered to the mines, «Polar», «Mayak», «Kayerkansky» and «Komsomol». The lion's share will go to the art «October» mine, amounting to 4 units. The rest is purchased equipment is auxiliary. Basically procured equipment was manufactured abroad. The cost of the new equipment exceeds 470 million. RUB.

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