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Copper: UMMC increases profit

The company «Safyanovskaya copper», a part of UMMC is going to increase profits in 2015. Experts estimate the net income growth relative to 2014 was 27%, reaching 2.036 billion. RUB. The volume of products sold are expected to rise by 10.6% to 7.274 billion. The number of open-pit mined ore is planned to be held in 2015 at last year's level. The company expects that in 2016 the volume of the resulting open-pit ore will decrease, given the «attenuation» of mining. The final completion of the project is scheduled for 2020. Given the need for compensation to be stopped capacity in the current year the volume of ore mined by underground method will be 140 000 tonnes. The following year, the company should reach its planned annual capacity of 500 000 tons.

The project on the construction of the underground mine is held company since 2010. In 2014, the project required investments of $ 1.123 billion. RUB. Investments last year in 1.04 times higher than the investment in 2013. Representatives of the «copper Safyanovskaya» talk about investing in the project all the net profit generated in 2014 — and it is 1.603 billion RUB… Overall costs in 2015 reached the level of 1.055 billion. RUB.

The main product produced by the Company is -kolchedannaya copper ore. What to Safianovskiy Ural deposits, the UGMK owns the license to develop it. Safyanovskaya mine supplies 4.8% of the total volume of ore extracted in Russia, containing copper. In the past year, «Safyanovskaya copper» copper ore production growth was 3.1%. The copper content in the extraction volume — 33.575 tons, which indicates a decrease in the amount of 2.2.%. Translated into monetary value of volume of copper reached the level of 5.994 billion. RUB, precious metals amounted to 515,919,000. RUB.

Experts GFMSgovoryat that in the I quarter of 2015. Global copper production increased by 3% compared to the results of the same period of 2014. Produced calculations based on data provided by the major copper producers. Particularly strong growth in production observed in the United States, Congo and Indonesia. In the same category includes Chile, despite the difficulties in the smelting of metal. 35 percent production growth in the country was observed on the basis of production «Escondida». In the current year, according to analysts, the copper market will be watching over at 400 000 tonnes. The average cost of the metal will reach 5975 USD / ton.

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